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Profile of the Auto World Group

Established in 1998, Auto World and its group companies is a family run organization, running as a partnership in which family members hold all the key management positions. The Group works with a defined mission of “Your One Stop Spares Shop”.
The principal trading activity of Auto World is trading in replacement vehicle parts. These cover vehicle maintenance and wear parts such as suspension parts, service parts such as filters, spark plugs, oils, lubes, mechanical parts such as alternators, distributors, starters, brake components and clutch parts,
engine parts and body parts such as bonnets, head lamps, grill, tail lamps, corner lamps, mirrors, bumpers, and fenders. The term replacement parts in this case means vehicle parts that are not manufactured by the original vehicle manufacturer, but generic parts made by manufacturers that have approval from the original manufacturer or parts that have lost their patents.

Auto World
  • To make Auto World the number one destination for the purchase of aftermarket automotive spare parts in the region.
  • To expand its product range to include a variety of niche products across a range of vehicles.
  • To maintain a solid growth rate in every year of its operations
  • To induce synergies and innovative means to sustain the effectiveness and take advantage on the competitive edge
  • Build a reputation for quality, defect-free products, and service
  • Build a solid customer base on which to expand product range
About us
Vision and Mission
  • Auto World aims to offer quality spare parts for the automotive industry at a price which is competitive in comparison to other key players in the market. The Group believes that it is the volume in the business which gives them the sustainability and growth in the long run. Hence
    the Group intends to provide goods at highly competitive prices to penetrate the market. The Group aims to: Explore opportunities in neighboring countries such as Namibia and Zambia in the long run and diversify its market base.
  • To train and develop local management / staff in line with “Vision 2036” (Employment opportunities and building a skilled human resource base, to increase from a middle income to high income-based country)
  • To conduct its operations in an ethical and professional manner
  • Constantly striving to supply what the consumer is asking for, the group will continually review what is available in the marketplace, and what is not.
About us
Key Business Drivers
  • Increase in public spending/household consumption and increase in vehicle population over the years
  • Lack of efficient public transport in Botswana, forcing the majority of public to have their own cars
  • Availability of cheaper import motor vehicles from UK, Singapore, and Japan
  • Another critical driver is the age of the imported cars. All the import vehicles coming into Botswana is estimated to be aged above 5 years. Hence, majority of these vehicles are not covered under motor plan. These cars thus must rely on the replacement market for its spares and
About us
Auto World
Auto World aims to offer quality spare parts for the automotive industry at a price which is competitive in comparison to other key players in the market.
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